About Stephen Nash

I am not a company.

I answer my emails.  I have written and recorded all of my programs myself.  I do all of my client work.  I designed this very fancy website.

And, I help guys get better with women.

I believe in honesty.  I believe in process. And, I believe in experience.

My aim is to help men become better with women.  This involves some psychology, some experience and some technique.  Competence breeds confidence. The rest is up to you, and to what you find along the way.

The answers to a guys’ question is always simple.  But, I “get” that the question might come from confusion, and very often, fear.

I have a dog.  I am in love.  I am getting married.  I love to travel.  I want to learn to surf.  I meditate daily.  I’m from North Carolina.  I used to be a champion golfer.  I am also a theater aficionado, and have another “job” in that world.  I have been crushed by a woman before.  I have been rebuilt by men.  I am willing to be crushed again.  And, I think you should too.

If I could snap my finger and eliminate one problem from the earth, it would be man’s fear of women.  Alas, I must then do it one by one…

Now, the boring stuff:

After leaving Project Hollywood in August of 2004, kissing “The Game” goodbye, Stephen Nash decided to harness and hone his skills into a more natural, holistic style of meeting, attracting & dating women which could serve a larger population, not just those interested in becoming pick-up artists. Along with Michael Cross, Stephen co-founded Cutting Edge Image Consulting to offer men a more natural solution to their dating challenges leading into lasting, healthy relationships with women. Stephen has been interviewed by Clifford who runs the famous on-line seduction log “Cliff’s List”, David DeAngelo, for his “Double Your Dating: Interviews with Dating Gurus” monthly CD series, Neil Strauss for his “Stylelife Interview Series”, Thundercat for his seduction lair, has appeared on Pickup Podcast and as well by countless other publications and blogs. Stephen has worked with over thousands of clients, and is the author of the best-selling How To Get a Girlfriend. He is also known as “Playboy” from “The Game” by Neil Strauss.

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