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Fact: My Clients Date The Women
Other Men Can Only Dream About,
On Their Schedule & On Their Terms

And unlike so many of the other "systems" out there,
My clients keep their girlfriends, too.
(Here's how they do it . . .)

From the desk of Stephen Nash:

Dear Friend,

I'm going to share a little secret with you.  You see, until August of 2004 I lived in a Hollywood mansion off of Sunset Boulevard with the world's greatest pick-up artists, including Neil Strauss, author of the bestseller The Game, and Mystery, host of VH1's The Pick-Up Artist.

Aside from all the packed-out seminars, long nights, and the obscene amount of women revolving through our door, we all shared one thing in common:

We were absolutely miserable.

Everyone Thought We Were Living the Dream
But in Reality, We Were Reaching New Lows

The extreme highs from cultivating the skills necessary to attract nearly any woman of my choosing would completely plummet time and time again, as I was never able to keep her.

Here's the biggest secret in the entire pick-up industry . . .

Every dating "system" has the same fatal flaw:

When you boil it down, all of our techniques were really just clever ruses, designed to allow us to "fake" our way in with these women of extraordinary beauty.  

Inside, we were still the same awkward, self-conscious guys that we had always been, still dying for validation from the hot blonde in the two-set at the bar.

What I Really Needed Was a True Transformation . . .

On August 5, 2004 I left Project Hollywood and started out on an intense journey to discover the answer to the question, "How can I really change my life and become truly worthy of the success that I so badly wish for?"

Here was the problem:

Everything we were doing in the pick-up community was very heavy on "techniques," "routines," or "gambits."  It simply wasn't a long term solution, as we were modeling "outer game" - actions and behaviors.

In searching for the answer, I went directly to the source . . .

I looked for what pick-up artists call "the naturals."  These guys were massively successful with women, and were who we had based our pick-up "routines" on.  Only to these guys, success with women didn't seem to even be a concern in their life - it just happened.

True Success With Women
Comes as a Core Shift In Beliefs

It was this "inner game" that really validated these guys' lives, which was what "naturally" validated them with women.

I weighed, prodded, and measured everything about these "naturals," trying to find the secret to their seemingly effortless and lasting success with women.

What I discovered changed my life forever . . .

All of the lines, routines, and gimmicks in the world can only give you short term success, no matter how good they are.  

The secret to the "naturals" was that they had cultivated attractive lifestyles.

    Attracting women of extraordinary beauty was like a side-effect of the way they lived their lives!

It Was Never My Intention To
Become Some Kind of "Dating Guru"

Ok, so my life wasn't exactly low key - you can't live in a mansion full of the world's top pick-up artists and ever try to claim that, but it wasn't my intention to ever pick up the whole "guru" mantle.

I only wanted to be able to combine the ability to attract any woman I desired with feeling comfortable in my own skin and letting her see the "real me."

Loose lips in the pick-up community change everything forever . . .

Believe it or not, "the community" is actually rather tight-knit, and word tends to travel fast.  When a couple of my old buddies discovered what I had been up to, and more importantly, the results I was getting, what amounted to a near public outcry began.

I didn't want anything to do with "the limelight," but I did care about the other guys in the community who had spent years chasing after the same dream that I had, only to find that same emptiness.  It was then that I began my business, Cutting Edge Image Consulting, and began one-on-one personal coaching.

Unfortunately, I know a lot of guys may not be in the position to fly up to New York City and spend some time with me, or maybe $1000 for a 6 hour session is a little out of your reach.  

Because of my passion for helping guys reach their success goals with women, I decided to package up some of my most highly regarded techniques, skills and beliefs into one affordable, easy-to-own system.

Introducing How To Get A Girlfriend (4th Edition!). . .

Imagine Having the Confidence to Approach a Woman
And Know Exactly What to Say To Win Her Over. . .

While it was my "inner game" work that really lead me to lasting happiness and success with women, I'm also going to show you some easy, step-by-step techniques you can use to break the ice and get things rolling.

With this combination of "inner game" and "outer game" instruction, you'll be an attraction machine.

And unlike the other "attraction guides" on the market, I'll show you how to transform your life and step into the shoes of the man you're meant to be ultimately leading you to a healthy, attractive GIRLFRIEND.  

Attraction is nothing if you can't keep the girl long-term, so let me be your personal guide and take you to the success you deserve.

Ready For True Attraction Mastery?

I want you to know that I'm absolutely serious about getting results for you.  

While I place my full faith in How To Get A Girlfriend, I wanted to do something special for you to ensure that you have everything you could possibly need to blow the doors off of your sticking points and attain the level of success with women that you deserve.

That's why I've authorized the release of four limited-time bonuses, free with your investment in the How To Get A Girlfriend eBook.

Fast-Action Bonus #1 - $49 Value!

The Cutting Edge Image Consulting Fashion & Style Guide Which Will
Help You Master Your "Look" With Women:

Inside you'll discover . . .

Exactly how to be "current" with your look - without ever
appearing like a fashion victim. Use this secret, and start standing-
out to women, rather than blending in with the scenery...

What haircut to get? If you're like most guys, then you're lost when it comes to grooming and hair styles for men. Listen, I'm not proposing you become some "high-maintenance" metrosexual, but I do believe in getting smart about it. Follow my advice in technique #2, and find yourself catching her eye whether on the street, at a party, or in the loudest of bars.

Four "Must Have" wardrobe items for men.With these, you can mix & match your looks so that you always have the right style for any situation. This is essential to mastering the "it" factor that naturals have owned for years.

Five Grooming Essentials. Guys - I am serious when I say this...do not skimp on these five! Women make more "Yes/No" decisions on you based on these big 5 grooming areas than ANY approach technique or social skill. They are THAT important. Screw these up, and have her say "No" before you even open your mouth.

Maximize what you already have with these 3 KILLER tips on blending, dressing-"up" & dressing-
"down". You may have some pieces in your closet now that you aren't using in ways that say "yes" to her. Use these two techniques to instantly improve your look without spending a dime.

How to accessorize your look without looking like a complete knucklehead. Lets face it, guys are terrible when accessorizing their look. I'll tell you the ONLY two items to ever add, and why it is critical to eliminate the rest...

Fast-Action Bonus #2 - $49 Value!

Do You Know When It's The Perfect Time To Kiss Her? This Guide Will
Teach You Exactly How To Know Each & Every Time!

The #1 personality trait for attracting women. Discover the answer on
page 2, as I give you an incredible technique to demonstrate that trait when you kiss her for the first time. This will flat-out stun you.

The PERFECT time to always go for the kiss! There is one fool-proof moment to go for it, and always succeed. If you're a guy who's ever received "cheek" when you've made your move, this is a MUST read for you.

The 5 points of escalation - when "getting physical" with any woman. I'll teach those to you, AND provide a clear structure to always test to see if your timing is ON. Stop fumbling and wondering...be CERTAIN with this technique.

A few choice tips that will make her never forget that first kiss, how special it was and how to create an endless desire in her to want to kiss you again, and again....

Fast-Action Bonus #3 - $39 Value!
Your Third Bonus Is My Exclusive "Bachelor Pad Guide" Published For Men.com... 

And Now ONLY Available HERE:

The FIRST thing a woman looks for when she enters your home.
Without this crucial item, she'll know instantly that you're still playing games
and don't mean "business" about your relationships...in her head, she'll forever
think of you as a "boy" and not a "man".

The MOST important room in the house to have cleaned and ready for her. This one will surprise you. If this room is dumpy/disheveled/disastrous...kiss her goodbye.

The one crucial "guy thing" to have either hidden or (preferably) completely removed from you home by the time she arrives. More than anything else, if she sees this piece she'll know you're not the one.

Is she spending the night? Better be very sensitive about having something on hand for her to wear...but, if you go too far, it screams "player". Read tip #10 at least three times before having your next girlfriend over, and get this one handled.

The food and drink items key for making her feel comfortable. Tips 2, 4, 6 & 9 are all that you'll ever need. Again, it's about not going too far...but also, going far enough. Follow these guidelines to the letter, and create the perfect impression helping her to trust that the details in your life are "handled".

And I've Saved The BEST "Bonus" For Last...

IG Logo

You'll also get one Month's FREE Access to my Secret "Insider's Guide" Membership Site where all of my top secrets and new research are developed and exposed. It includes interviews with other dating and relationship experts, new articles every month by myself and special guests plus monthly video of me providing step-by-step instruction as you master your interactions with women.

The "Insider's Guide" is a 6-month Mastery Course which perfectly accompanies your "How To Get A Girlfriend" eBook (literally, they go hand in hand). At the end of the 6-months, you will be automatically unsubscribed.

No Joke. Getting better with women is NOT a lifetime process. If you follow my guidance, you will be seeing massive improvement over the next 6 months.

When I was first starting on the path to success with women and dating, one of the most vitally important things that I did was to find, meet and learn from guys who were already having the kind of success that I wanted.

I definitely had to put in a lot of hard work and dedication on my own...but my biggest breakthroughs came from modelling guys who were "the best"...and finding out just what exactly they did that made them so much more successful than the rest of us.

Here's how my "Insider's Guide" works:

Insiders GuideEvery month I will interview one of these true dating and relationship "masters" and extract every last morsel of wisdom they've got on the subject of meeting, attracting and relating with VERY special women.

We're talking about the true pros (no creepy seduction gurus allowed); the type of guys that date the truly 'select' women.

In other words...these guys are the REAL DEAL.

They are out there, I searched high and low for the best, and now...I got 'em. Their secrets are yours for the taking.

On top of that, I write at least one new article every month, and have some of the brightest minds out there delivering new ideas and fresh, on-the-ground advice about what's working for guys now. Each month focuses on one (1) meta-topic (like "meeting women", "attracting women" etc) that will immediately help your interactions with women.

If you love the "Insider's Guide" (which you will), you can stay subscribed. Every month, you'll get access to new interviews, articles and presentations, and you'll automatically be charged only $19.97. You can cancel anytime you want with no questions & no hassles.

All you'll need to do is download my eBook now and I'll even throw in your first month's subscription to my Insider's Guide for FREE as a bonus for just TRYING out "How To Get A Girlfriend". That's right, you won't be charged for a solid 30 days as you decide if you connect with the material.

As soon as your confirm your purchase, I will send you a URL and an exclusive username and password for my secret site. So, be on the lookout for that.

Note: You will NOT be forced to subscribe. On the check-out page, you will be asked to say "Yes" or "No" to the "Insider's Guide" (you won't be allowed to order unless you choose one way or the other). Simply let me know your choice, and you're all set! REALLY easy. Again, you'll see that after you click the order button below. Cool?

A Summary Of What You Get . . .


The first 100 guys who download "How To Get A Girlfriend" will ALSO receive my NEVER before released:

Natural Attraction Coaching Sessions

In this over 6 hour audio program, you will learn:

  1. The number 1 "life skill" that blows up your social life. This is the most critical skill you need to learn, it makes everything possible with women and locks-in a rock solid inner game that radically changes how people experience you socially;

  2. Step-by-step instructions on how to grow your social circle from nonexistent and lifeless to thriving and prosperous...and then how to make yourself the "it" guy within it (you don't want to miss this one);

  3. How to "approach" within your social circle, without the "pick-up" creepshow - seriously, do you think I'd ask you to use routines within your social circle - NO WAY. This techique is subtle, so you'll want to follow my every move on this one...

  4. Developing a personal style and "look" that is cool, fashionable & that radiates your personality and growing, attractive lifestyle. Your first impression can make-or-break an interaction with a hot girl - focus on this a bit, and it will open social doors that you NEVER thought would open;

  5. The Magic words - Two linguistic tricks I've discovered that make other people work for you socially, literally bringing you women on a silver platter - you press a few buttons and women show up at your door (I am dead serious);

  6. THE way to be introduced to very beautiful women - Be introduced to a beautiful women by someone using these words, and watch her literally BEG you to take her out on a date...oh, and making this happen is not only easy and obvious, you'll even kick yourself a bit for not figuring it out by now;

  7. Patented exercises that will naturally and easily download these techniques from me to you - all you'll have to do is maintain an open mind, do the work, and get a really big calendar (for all the dates and cool nights right around the corner).

In order to insure receipt of this incredible bonus (an $87 value!) , you must act NOW; not later, not tomorrow and certainly not next week. Only the first 100 guys will receive this bonus - why? I want to reward those who can act clearly and decisively as those are the guys who will leverage the knowledge in my ebook and these bonuses that I've worked YEARS to learn.

A good thing is staring you right in the face my friend...and I suggest you act on it NOW.


What You Need To Do Next . . .

If you're ready to transform your life and gain the choice with women that you deserve, I'm ready to help you.  

In designing the How To Get A Girlfriend eBook, I wanted to make it available for any man who truly wants success with women.  That's why I've priced it at only $19.97!  

For less than the cost of a night out, I'll pull back the curtains and show you the secrets behind my years of studying and coaching in the dating arena, giving you the step-by-step implementation you need to attract the woman of your dreams.

Furthermore, How To Get A Girlfriend and your five limited-time bonuses, worth a total of $224, are offered in a digital online format, meaning that you can gain access to them immediately upon completion of your order.

Not 100% sure?  Let me take all the risk for you . . .

Special 4th Edition Launch 7-Day FREE Trial Offer

To further eliminate ANY final resistance you might have to downloading your very own copy of How To Get A Girlfriend today, I'd like to ALSO give you a full week to read and work with the ebook before I even charge you for it.

I assure you that you’ll be able to use the things that you’ll learn in my eBook to meet more women.

This book may have the one exact piece of advice you need, but I want you to be absolutely sure about it, that's why I’M NOT GOING TO ASK YOU TO PAY FOR IT until you’ve had a chance to read it and see for yourself with your own eyes what it can do for you.

That's right - you will NOT be charged the $19.97 for the ebook for a full week, giving you plenty of time to read through the material and see if it's right for YOU.

When you click on the button below, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can download the book for FREE right now (just use a valid credit card for your order… you won’t be charged for a full 7 days).

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Why do this? Honestly, I poured my heart and soul into this ebook (as you'll see) so I am CERTAIN you will LOVE it and want to keep it. And if you don't like it, or don't feel it's the right fit for you, I don't want your money. Just send me an email within 7 days, and you will never even be charged.

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Risk-Free Acceptance Form

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I will not even be charged for 7 days so that I can test-drive the ebook to see if it is a fit for me.

I understand that I also have 30 full days to review the product and if at any time I decide the product is not right for me, I may simply request a refund - no harm, no foul, and we'll walk away friends.  

I can even keep the product and ALL bonuses (including Natural Attraction Coaching Sessions as a gift, just for trying it out.

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It is on this basis that I'm ready to order my copy of How To Get A Girlfriend now!

A Final Thought...

I've learned a way to meet, attract and date women without gimmicks, without routines, that is totally natural and that leads to a lasting, healthy relationship. I've helped MANY guys just like you, along this way too.

Will you join us?

How much would it be worth to you if I could lead you to just ONE attractive girl, help you meet her and take her on a date? What would you be willing to do for THAT amount of knowledge?

Or, what if what I can teach you can truly transform your social life so that you naturally meet, attract and date many women on your terms, whenever you want?

What if this knowledge truly leads you to getting an amazing girlfriend? What would that information be worth to you?

We can be certain that the opportunities are coming. You will be around women, and likely in the VERY near future. Maybe you see a cute girl at the market and want to approach her. You are at a good friend's dinner party, and you find yourself seated next to the most attractive woman there and wish to have a great conversation with her. Or quite possibly you'll be on a first date and want to establish a sincere, strong connection with the girl.

Are you able to get it done? Will what you want become reality? Or, will you let these opportunities pass you by regretting that you never fully knew what could have happened?

Guys are at their best when focused and ready for action. If you are ready to take action and move through this process with me, then get started right away by downloading your copy of How To Get A Girlfriend now:

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To Your Success With Women,


Stephen Nash

P.S. Sadly, most men will go their entire lives without taking those critical first steps to a new life, forever missing out on the pleasure of women. I really don't want that to be you.

How To Get A Girlfriend
will show you EXACTLY what to do, how to do it, and then what to do NEXT to start meeting, dating and relating with VERY beautiful women.

I personally guarantee it.