How To Get A Girlfriend: 4th Edition

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How To Get A Girlfriend 4th Edition

How To Get A Girlfriend - 4th edition - $19.97

~ THE simple, step-by-step guide to meeting, attracting and getting a healthy, lasting, relationship

~ Learn elegant, smooth & natural social skills to attract women

~ Blend those with breakthrough lifestyle & social circle techniques to naturally KEEP her attracted long-term

Grooming and Style Guide

My "Great Grooming & Style Guide" - FREE

~ Do this - Don't do that tips for perfecting your personal style

~ Classic grooming errors that guys make that instantly turn "off" a woman & how to fix them

~ The 4 "must have" items for any man's wardrobe

Making Your Move

"Making Your Move" - FREE

~ Learn how to advance things physically with her; I'll teach you exactly what to do, and exactly when to do it

~ Learn my classic 'kiss test' to see if she's ready before you advance

~ Learn the 5 points of escalation and why the man MUST be smooth and in charge when "getting physical"

Bach Guide

"Bachelor Pad Guide" - FREE

~ Convert your home into a place where women WANT to be

~ Learn the first thing a woman looks for when she enters your home and how it conveys 'everything' to her about you

~ The one crucial 'guy thing' to have hidden when she enters your home and if she sees this she will know you aren't the 'one'

Get A Girlfriend "Insiders Guide"

Monthly "Insiders Guide" Membership Site -
1st Month FREE

~ Full access to a monthly expert interview, video and article; the perfect compliment to your How To Get A Girlfriend eBook

~ $19.97/month after the first month and you can opt-out ANYTIME (just send me an email); You are not forced to opt-into this program. You will be given the "Yes"/"No" choice on the check-out page.

~ The program automatically ends after 6 months for full-time subscribers



The first 100 guys who download "How To Get A Girlfriend" will ALSO receive my NEVER before released:

Natural Attraction Coaching Sessions

In this over 6 hour audio program, you will learn:

  1. The number 1 "life skill" that blows up your social life. This is the most critical skill you need to learn, it makes everything possible with women and locks-in a rock solid inner game that radically changes how people experience you socially;

  2. Step-by-step instructions on how to grow your social circle from nonexistent and lifeless to thriving and prosperous...and then how to make yourself the "it" guy within it (you don't want to miss this one);

  3. How to "approach" within your social circle, without the "pick-up" creepshow - seriously, do you think I'd ask you to use routines within your social circle - NO WAY. This techique is subtle, so you'll want to follow my every move on this one...

  4. Developing a personal style and "look" that is cool, fashionable & that radiates your personality and growing, attractive lifestyle. Your first impression can make-or-break an interaction with a hot girl - focus on this a bit, and it will open social doors that you NEVER thought would open;

  5. The Magic words - Two linguistic tricks I've discovered that make other people work for you socially, literally bringing you women on a silver platter - you press a few buttons and women show up at your door (I am dead serious);

  6. THE way to be introduced to very beautiful women - Be introduced to a beautiful women by someone using these words, and watch her literally BEG you to take her out on a date...oh, and making this happen is not only easy and obvious, you'll even kick yourself a bit for not figuring it out by now;

  7. Patented exercises that will naturally and easily download these techniques from me to you - all you'll have to do is maintain an open mind, do the work, and get a really big calendar (for all the dates and cool nights right around the corner).

In order to insure receipt of this incredible bonus (an $87 value!) , you must act NOW - not later, not tomorrow and certainly not next week. Only the first 100 guys will receive this bonus - why? I want to reward those who can act clearly and decisively as those are the guys who will leverage the knowledge in my ebook and these bonuses that I've worked YEARS to learn.

A good thing is staring you right in the face my friend...and I suggest you act on it NOW.



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