How To Get A Girlfriend Back

The first and most important question I ALWAYS ask guys who seek advice on getting an ex-girlfriend back is…

Are You Sure You WANT Her Back?

Relationships usually end for a reason, and very often it’s a good reason.  If we are the ones broken-up with, we often feel scorned and immasculated.  It’s normal to want to revisit that and fix it.  BUT, if the RELATIONSHIP is broken, there is no fixing the bad feelings that come with a break-up.  OK?

It’s very wise then to wait.  As painful as it may be, it’s important that you sit with the pain and get a little perspective on why the relationship ended.  It’s also very advisable that you not fall prey to bogus schemes all designed to help you get your ex back.  In my experience, you don’t want her back.  So, don’t run out and buy everything you can on getting an ex-girlfriend back.

Instead, talk to your friends – your CLOSE buds.  They will always be up front with you, and let you know if recontacting an ex is a good idea (or not).

Also, try to meet at least 10 new women before you reach out to your ex-girlfriend.  Yes, I am serious.  Again, what you need here is perspective and a little objectivity.  By meeting some new women, it will help you put some distance between you and your prior relationship.  THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED (Yes, I am yelling at you…).

Listen, I’ve been there (a few times actually).  And, usually with about a month or so of time, I realize why the relationship ended, and what I now need to do to attract a healthier one into my life.

It always comes back to you building an authentic lifestyle and focus for yourself.  This often means taking a direct look at what is your PURPOSE or AIM in life.  Is this clear?  Are you giving yourself to this on a regular basis?  If not, your foundation is weak and you will never have the empowering relationship you deserve.

Oh, and if you do the work I suggest, you will also become more attractive to your ex…but, I predict, you won’t want her anymore – because YOU will have changed, and won’t want to revisit something that ended for good reason.

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