How to Get a Girl to Like You

Want to get a girl to like you?  Want her to be excited when you call?  Want her to JUMP at the chance to spend time with you?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you need to know what TO do and what NOT to do (sounds very Hamlet-esque now doesn’t it?).

First, the NOT to do’s…

How To Get A Girl To Like You – What NOT To Do

Do NOT try to impress her.

Do NOT buy her expensive gifts.

Do NOT attempt to gain her attention by buying her a drink.

Do NOT wine and dine her with expensive dinners and dates.

There is a theme here – do you see it?

NEVER supplicate to a woman.  Never-ever substitute something material for something emotional.  Learn, instead, how to be attractive to women naturally.  Intelligent women correctly perceive when a man is attempting to purchase her attention and affection.  To them, it comes off as bribery and manipulation.  And why, you might ask?

Because it IS.  Don’t do this, or if you are doing this currently, STOP doing this.  NEVER supplicate to a woman – she will lose respect for you and will not treat you as a serious boyfriend possibility.

How To Get A Girl To Like You – What TO Do

To be liked by women, you must cultivate a new set of skills.  Some of these are social skills (like how to meet women, how to flirt, how to tease, etc) and some are more LIFE-based skills.  Let’s discuss these briefly now.

1) First…you’ve gotta get a LIFE.  No social skill, no tip or technique will work otherwise.  Every man, in order to truly become who he is supposed to be, needs a mission or purpose to devote his life to.  If you are stuck in a boring day job, have no real outlook or direction for your life then guess what?  You are BORING to women.  NOTHING can replace this – you must get active and come alive.

2) Next, get some social skills.  Most of the men that I work with are deluded by the idea that if they can just learn some techniques to meet more women, or if they can just learn a line that will make her like you, then they will suddenly be transformed into a man who is successful with women.  WRONG.

No, learning social skills comes 2nd in the list for a reason.  BUT, they are important.  Knowing how to begin a conversation, how to flirt, how to bait, how to tell a story, how to make that first move to a kiss – yes, it’s important, BUT it isn’t the first thing to focus on.

3) Activate Your Social Circle.  The best means for attracting women into your life, and eventually getting a girlfriend, is to become the guy in the center of a magnetic social circle that is out, in the world, doing fun and interesting things.  This part is easy and fun, and makes a lot of sense too.  Imagine you are a cute, single girl and you arrive at a party with a friend of yours.  The party rocks and she is introduced to the party host, who just happens to be…you.  Think you’ll have any problem getting a date with her?  Definitely NOT.

4) Get A Girlfriend.  Once you’ve focused your life and are going for what you truly want, once you’ve learned a few, simple, elegant skills for having a conversation and once your social circle is thriving and active…you will have NO issues getting girls to like you.

They will like you because you ADD something to their life and world, something real, not something purely material.

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Stephen Nash