How to Get a Girls Attention

What is the best way to get a girls attention?  If you want to approach and meet a woman, it’s often a good idea to make a little eye contact before you approach.  (Though, if you don’t, this isn’t a reason not to approach her)

First some bad ways to get a girls attention:

1) Overly eager looks/gestures in her direction.  The key to meeting women, and this applies to any stage in the interaction, is to be natural.  Nothing can be “too much” as it signals insecurity.

2) Sending her a “drink” via a waitress.  This is cheesy; don’t do it.  It lacks originality, and signals a sense of fear about simply approaching her directly and speaking with her.

3) The inadvertent “bump”.  Passing her, and “accidentally” bumping into her, creating the opportunity to meet (as if by chance) is a terrible way to meet a woman.  Guys do this, and it’s so obvious what is going on here.  You might cause her to spill her drink or drop her phone – nothing good can come of this.

4) Tap her on the shoulder to get her attention.  Rude.  NEXT.

No, the best way to get her attention is, quite simply, to either become the life of the party/venue or to directly approach her.  Yes, I do suggest approaching her, and doing so directly.

The life of the party always has the eye of the single, attractive women in any venue.  The status of being in the middle, of being in the eye of the storm, has great appeal at a party or a bar.  Becoming the center is, actually, rather simple (covered in my ebook…sorry, that’s advanced stuff).

Or, you could approach the woman.  Why not?  I mean, the alternative is to get what you always got…a date with your left hand later.  Sick of that yet?  If not, you probably won’t do what I’ve done literally hundreds of times:

“Hi, pardon the interruption, but I noticed you from across the party and simply had to risk embarrassment to meet you; my name is Stephen”

It works.  It really does.  Oh, and if you do, be prepared for the 100% guaranteed follow-up question:

“Well, what did you notice?”

Be sure NOT to say something physical like: “your amazing eyes, legs, boobs, skin…”  ALL of those are tacky.  Instead, make it about her (instead of her genetics).  So, things like her style, her laugh, her vibe…anything that is directly about her will work.  Physical appearance has more to do with her DNA, and not the person.  Got that?

Try it out.  Scared of approaching?  Yeah, me too…but I did it anyway, and now I have a girlfriend. 1+1=….well, you get it.

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