How To Get A Random Girls Number

I used to have an over 50% hit rate on getting random girls’ phone numbers.  This was back when I was known as Playboy, and I was hanging out with guys like Mystery and TylerDurden.

Now, we weren’t the most healthy guys on the planet, and we viewed women as objects (basically).  But, we did approach a TON of girls, and in my case, were very very good at it.

What you’re doing here is doing a cold approach.  This is the ultimate act for a guy to do – to approach a cute girl that he doesn’t know and convert her into a date.  It’s possible…VERY possible.

There’s a structure to doing this which I uncovered throughout my times in the field.  This applies to guys doing cold approaches on the street, in cafes, in bars or even in “warmer” environments like parties.  It goes a little something like this:


Engage: This is when you approach the girl.  You’ve gotta do this with some skill man, otherwise she won’t give you her attention.  It takes some stones to make this move, but any guy can given the proper guidance.  In fact, I know some techniques that will help you know the first 3 minutes of the entire conversation (seriously man).

Hook:  This is the toughest part for guys – to go from being someone that she doesn’t know, to being someone she willing WANTS to know more about.  This is where you use skills like flirting, teasing, baiting etc.  If you skimp here, you will likely get a wrong number from a girl which she will give you just to get you away from her.

Connect: This is the most important part of the interaction for the GIRL.  She needs and wants to feel a sense of comfort and trust with you in order to be willing to go out on a date with you.  Makes sense right?  You’ve just met this new guy, and now he’s asking for your number (why? so he can call you for a date – ALL girls know that…).  So, in order to feel cool about seeing you again you’ll need to be sure you discover some commonalities with her.  This is easy to do.

Engage –> Hook –> Connect –> SOLID PHONE NUMBER

How to ask for her number?  Simply say:

It’s been great chatting with you, but I’ve gotta get back to my friends (or whatever you were doing before).  How can we continue this at another time?

As easy as that.

Want to learn ALL the skills you’ll need for mastering Engage/Hook/Connect?  These skills work in any and all situations with women and they are not wierd gimmicks or strange, corny lines.  These skills are tested and work with your personality.  If so…then sign-up for my free 10-lesson Master Class right here.

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Good luck man!

Stephen Nash