Pick Up Lines That Work

This Guy Used A Pick-Up Line That Worked

I have learned some pretty killer pick up lines that actually WORK, and I’d like to pass those along to you here in this article. In my experience, there is a lot of REALLY bad advice when it comes to pick-up lines. For example, here are some of the WORST I have ever heard:

Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Girl, you better have a license, cuz you are driving me crazy!

Nice dress – it would look great on my floor!

Did you fart? Because you blew me away

Was that an earthquake or did u just rock my world?

Do you have any raisins? No? How about a date?

I have more, but that’s enough. Get the point? If you ever use one of these, don’t expect to have good results AT ALL.

Remove these from your repertoire! They are insulting and useless! (But, good for a laugh….)

What makes a pick-up line WORK?

First of all, it needs to be in the moment.  So, something prescripted is much less likely to work than something you create on the spot.  Women are very sensitive in social situations, and can pick-up the scent of BS from a mile away.

Another tip is that is should take her (a bit) by surprise.  The predictable is boring and rarely works (unless she is boring).

Let me illustrate, by way of a little story…

I am a pretty driven guy – and usually find myself out too late working on projects that interest me. I’ve been getting interested again in the arts recently, and this guy is a painter friend of mine, who is about to open a gallery show. He’s a really cool guy, but a bit clueless when it comes to women.

He’s got a cool place to live where he also works, so whenever we meet up we always go to his place so I can see what he’s up to.

As usual, anytime I am hanging with a friend, they always ‘download’ their recent girl dramas. And this time was no different. My friends all get a kick out of my job, and they also know that I LOVE hearing stories from “the field”.

He had recently hit up this bar downtown, and wanted to try out some approaches. He’s not a PUA per se, but he does like to approach women. Here’s what he told me:

Him: “Stephen, I know you guys used to script these things to a tee…and I understand that and all, but I discovered that the BEST way to open up a convo is to REVERSE their expectations from the get-go”

Me: “Hmmm…I have this image of you approaching them and pretending to be gay and completely disinterested…true? Please say no…”

Him: “No way. Not at all. But take the most common scenario, a guy rolls up and says ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ – right? Isn’t that the most common scenario?”

Me: (ugh, he’s building a ‘yes’ tree here…he’s a great salesman) YES

Him: “So, what if you – INSTEAD – said to her: “Hey girls – listen, I’ve got a little challenge – you up for it? (they always say ‘yes’). If you can guess my favorite drink, I will buy you a drink. In fact, I’ll give you three shots at it”

Me: Hmmmm…that’s interesting…tell me more (aka, YES)

Him: “Well, it immediately puts a fun frame around the interaction, and separates you from the pack. Isn’t that what you’re always saying Stephen? AND, I got three numbers last Friday night using JUST this method.”

He was and IS right. I was so glad he brought this up, because it is so SIMPLE and useful to guys who dislike routines, but who also want some sort of structure to use when beginning the conversation.

It reminded me of a conversation Neil Strauss and I had years back at Project Hollywood. We were rehashing an old Ross Jeffries routine that I used to use when I was very new. It goes like this:

“Excuse me. Are you confident enough to accept a sincere compliment from a complete stranger?”

I’ve always liked this script, and used it for a long time. I even experienced results with it, unlike most who use RJ’s stuff.

Style and I however conceived of a new way of wording it – by adding the below to the end.

(after she says ‘yes’)

“Hey, so am I - You go first!”

What you do is completely reverse the expectation and cause her to have to think on her feet. This obviously separates you from ‘the pack’ while also causing intrigue. She HAS to engage you, as she can’t rely on her own bag of tricks.

So, engage her in conversation by using her expectations FOR you. The only difference it – REVERSE this so that you get the advantage.

Take an obvious source of conversation, and simply reverse it on its head so that you are challenging her. Here are some examples (all said with a smile btw…otherwise you’ll come off as an ass):

“If I give you guys some cash, do you mind bringing drinks to me and my friends throughout the night? We’re really tired and would love to just kick back without running back and forth to the bar”


“Nice bag. Could I borrow it for say five minutes? I want to impress someone”


(if someone is having a cellphone conversation nearby)

(roll your eyes) “Let’s pretend to be the other person on the line. We’ll take turns. I’ll go first: “aah, but I love you Jim, I think about you always…” (turn it into a soap opera)

Be challenging and engaging. Be DIFFERENT. Use something happening and turn it on its head. Instead of asking a lame question about it – turn it into something USEFUL.

This little skill is something you can use TODAY, and will help you create pick up lines that work, on the fly, in the moment…where all the good stuff happens.

So, I’ve developed a free 10-lesson Master Class to help guys get the edge when it comes to women and dating.  The first lesson goes even further into a variety of techniques to help you approach more women successfully.  Sign-up below (and, when you do, be sure to look out for that first verification email which confirms you want lesson 1…and tons more of really cool stuff to follow):