Romantic Pick Up Lines

Finding a romantic pick up line that isn’t cheesy has taken me years…but, I’ve definitely broken the code and discovered a KILLER technique.

It’s called the Direct Approach, and – yes – it takes some balls to pull off.

Why be direct?

It displays confidence, builds self-esteem, is chivalrous (girls like that) and trustworthy…AND is freeing for you.

Freeing?   Yes, freeing.

In this day and age, it is not normal to be direct.  It’s been taught out of us.  First, by our parents, then by our teachers, and most recently, by dating coaches and seduction gurus preaching DHVs, LMR and Opinion Openers…

I grew so weary of the mass amounts of pick up lines and gimmicks that I developed a very simple, elegant and smooth way of approaching women in any/all circumstances.

“I noticed you from across the cafe, and I had to risk complete embarrassment to meet you.  My name is Stephen”

That’s it.


Why does it work so well?  A few reasons:

1) You aren’t overtly hitting on her.  All you say is that you “noticed” her which always piques her interest.  Inevitably, she will reply to your statement with “Well, what did you notice?” (so, be ready for that).

2) You pace the reality of this being slightly awkward and different when you say “risk complete embarrassment”.  She will relax when you say this as it confirms to her that you are aware that this is not the norm.

3) You tell her your name, which is polite WHILE patting yourself on the back a bit by honoring the fact that this is a “risk”.

Does this phrase automatically insure that you get a date with her?  Of course not.  But it does guarantee that you get a conversation with her around 90% of the time.  Women respond to direct, romantic gestures very well…if you do this technique, you will see what I mean.

Being direct conveys a lot of REALLY GOOD things to women.  And, I have found that this technique is the only romantic pick up line that isn’t terribly cheesy and that truly, actually works.

Try it!

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