Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend

How to Get a GirlfriendLearning how to get a girlfriend is a lot art and a little science.

There are skills that a guy who wants to get a girlfriend can and should learn. But, there is also a level of creativity and imagination at play as well.

I used to be a master “pick-up artist”. I used to go by the moniker Playboy, and am featured in Neil Strauss’ book “The Game”. I was an expert at meeting women. I knew what to do, and when to do it.

But…this did NOT help me get a girlfriend. Knowing how to get a girlfriend (and a hot girlfriend at that) has as much to do with HOW you live as knowing what to say and how to say it.

(This will even help you get a girlfriend in high school, or even get a girlfriend online, OK?)

What follows are the 3 areas in a man’s life that he needs to address in order to give him the BEST chance at getting a girlfriend.

1) How To Get A Girlfriend – Social Skills

It is not mandatory that you develop amazing social skills to get a girlfriend. But, it is important that you become competent and capable in:

Approaching Women
Flirting With Women
Connecting With Women

In other words, you’ve gotta be able to begin the conversation, build a little sexual tension and attraction, and then connect with her establishing some comfort and trust with you. These three firmly establish you as a romantic option in her mind.

How to Get a Girlfriend2) How To Get A Girlfriend – Lifestyle

The secret for meeting lots of attractive women, with minimal effort, all who already have a LOT in common with you is…


If you want to quickly double your dating success, this is the skill to work on the most.

How you LIVE directly determines who you meet and how you meet them.

Grow an interesting, meaningful lifestyle and you will naturally attract women who are right for you.

3) How To Get A Girlfriend – Personal Style

Having a stylish, contemporary look is important. An intelligent, reasonable, functional, wardrobe is what I suggest to help you get a girlfriend.

Your “look” impacts a person’s first impression of you. Having a stylish contemporary look signals that you’re someone who is plugged in culturally, well-socialized, and who pays attention to detail.

How To Get A Girlfriend eBook

Those three areas in life are where you’ll need to work to get a girlfriend.

In How To Get A Girlfriend (my ebook), I lead you through a step-by-step process for learning these. It is the book I wish I had when I was single and just getting started. Click here to read more about it and to download your copy:

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Stephen Nash