Guide on How To Get A Girlfriend

Is there a guide, a manual, a process for men to follow to getting a girlfriend?  Or, is it a completely different recipe for each different guy?  The answer is…well…a little of both.

I often wonder if, back before the feminist movement (a GOOD thing IMHO), men asked this question.  I wonder if before women sought to be equals to men socially, culturally, in the workforce, politically, if men struggled as they do today in attracting a mate.  For MANY men, it’s HARD to get a girlfriend.  It takes effort and work.  It takes a change of MIND.

Each guy is different, so the various struggles and challenges he will face along the way to becoming his most attractive self, are also different.  BUT, the steps, the “path” is the same.

Yes, it’s important to learn social skills and techniques to use in conversation to attract, to flirt, to tease, to connect…these are vital.  BUT, what lies underneath these skills?  What is the foundation for these skills that makes them authentic and real.

No woman will trust you if she doesn’t sense that you are real.  Lines, gimmicks, tricks etc for attracting women don’t work if you want to get a girlfriend.

So, before I can teach you the techniques and skills for meeting new women, flirting with them, connecting with them, making that move to the first kiss etc, I have to help you repair what is likely a very damaged foundation.

I outline this process in its entirety in my ebook “How To Get A Girlfriend”.  I cover all 7 steps of the path, in detail, one following the next.  But, the first chapter is the MOST important…and what it is is very counter-intuitive.

What is your PURPOSE or MISSION in life?

What is your AIM?

And, are you going for it?

In my experience, men have two gigantic hurdles facing them when I ask this question.  Those are:

1) They are disenchanted and think that their dreams simply cannot become reality &;

2) They are lazy.

These 2 destructive patterns conspire to lead a guy into mediocrity or, even worse, downright BOREDOM.

Are you bored?  Because if you are, women will be too when they are around you.
Are you passionate about SOMETHING?  Because if you aren’t, women will feel that immediately and know that you aren’t a guy who can add to their world.

Facing these difficult challenges, slowly yet definitely, builds confidence and self-esteem.  In my experience, there is no other way to truthfully evolve as a man unless you confront the demons of averageness and laziness.

Unless you can re-activate the latent passions and interests within you…I’ve got some bad news for you.

The good news is that this is the age, the era, of self-improvement.  For guys who WANT to face this, I suggest you download my eBook (7-Day free trial by the way…so, try it for a week and see if it’s for you).

My book is designed to relate to the 21st century male, targeting the specific dilemmas and challenges he faces, and provide tangible “do this” advice to pass through these to the next level.

Try it.  You’ve got nothing to lose.  Read more about it here:

How To Get A Girlfriend eBook: 7-Day Free Trial