How To Attract A Girlfriend

“Create Attraction” or “Become Attractive”

One is a gimmick, the other – a way of life.

Only one will help you attract a girlfriend too…

Do you know the difference?

Yes, it is possible to create, or generate, attraction in a woman.  I’ve done it many times.  But, it’s not a solid way to meet women and be successful at dating.  Here’s why.

I’ve worked with A LOT of guys over the years (in 1-1′s and in seminars) and here’s a theme that repeats 100% of the time.  A guy who is unattractive to women explores the internet and finds some techniques or lines to use on girls.  He heads out to a party or a bar and uses them on the women.  99% of the time the lines don’t work; guy gets frustrated and blames the blogger or dating coach, never taking stock of himself – the one who delivered the line!

No gimmick or technique is going to work unless the guy who says them CHANGES, and first places his attention on becoming the most attractive version of himself that is possible.

THEN, he can use any and all techniques, adapt them to his personality, and find success in the world.

In other words, one must become attractive to women first.  This involves some outside work (clothing, body language, tonality, etc), but most of this is an attitude, a confidence, that must be EARNED by following a process of action in ones own life.

Confidence cannot be grown in easy circumstances, it only builds through the element of challenge.  Problem is, most guys are simply unwilling to challenge themselves – they prefer comfort instead.

To attract a girlfriend, one must become an attractive “boyfriend” first – see that?  You can’t pretend your way into a relationship, you must BE the man.

First, you’ve gotta find a purpose or aim that is larger than ones own security.  This means diving into your interests, passions and dreams (seriously) and finding a way to pursue these in life.  The things that matter to us are the most powerful challenges we can face.  By doing this, we begin the natural process of building confidence.

A confident man is an attractive man.

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